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19 March 2009 @ 11:32 am
Wow, over a year and no posts. >_<

Moving on. I need a crinoline/petticoat for a dress. I'm no stranger to a sewing machine, but I can't make things without some sort of pattern. I'm plus sized so I can't find a paper pattern that works for me. All the tutorials online kind of freak me out.

My question is: Should I attempt to make a petticoat, or just say f'it and buy one? I rarely need one, but I would like to have 2-3 in different colors. If I bought them I'd be spending over $100 for all three.


Crissy: I'll Show You Daintysunseenli on March 26th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
As for making parts of it detachable...I'm sure it's possible. My only concern is the added weight from buttons/zippers/whatever. You want a petti to be as light as possible. However, it's still a possibility...

Velcro? You could probably sew in thin strips of Velcro that really hold (seriously, you know how sometimes just one "hook" of the Velcro is enough to hold something light up?) without adding too much to the weight. Something to think about, maybe, anyway.
Morgan Skyemorganskye on March 26th, 2009 09:50 pm (UTC)
It's not a bad thought. I'll have to keep it in mind. thanks!