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Drama Free Cosplay

A Place For Cosplayers To Share Their Skills

Drama Free Cosplay!
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Drama Free Cosplay


Drama Free Cosplay is a discussion community for those who are interested in the art and skill that goes into cosplay – making costumes, styling wigs, making accessories and everything else that falls within cosplay. Here cosplayers can share their current projects, post images and commentary about previous projects, and ask for suggestions and help when stuck.

This community is not for bashing particular cosplayers, or making fun of their costumes, or any other form of harassment or “drama”.


1. Absolutely, positively no DRAMA.

This is the first rule, and the most important one. Drama includes, but is not limited to: harassment, stalking, insulting, making nasty comments, being a troll, starting rumors and slander.

2. No stealing other people’s posted ideas.

Even if you really like another member’s idea for a casual outfit, don’t just copy their idea whole-sale. In the case of costumes directly based off of existing images, if a member does something unique (IE, an unusual fabric or an unusual way of styling their hair), don’t copy exactly what they do. If a member gives you permission to do something in that style, just make sure you credit them.

3. Credit all inspiration.

Yes, cosplay is about making costumes based off of designs that other people have done. However, we each have our unique way of interpreting those designs. If someone gives you a great idea or suggestion as to how to do a certain outfit, credit them. If they help you figure out a tricky point, credit them. Even if you just get the inspiration to do a certain outfit because they did it, credit them. Please be honest about this! Also, even if we know series, please credit the creator.

4. Make suggestions – do not make fun.

This is also called constructive criticism. If you think that they could do better, don’t make fun of the member for having a terrible costume – make suggestions for how to make it look better. Everyone starts out sometime, and needs a little bit of help at first. If you feel that the person has made a factual error in the costume, politely ask them if that was done on purpose, and, if not, provide images of how the costume should look. If they still disagree, leave it at that. Remember, colors and designs frequently vary from image to image.

5. Respect all of the members.

Basically, this means be polite at all times. You can disagree with someone, but do not treat that person disrespectfully.

6. Leave all of your personal issues at the door.

You may dislike someone because of something that happened between you two. You may have a bad day at home or at work. This is not the community to vent those issues. This community is just for the art of cosplay, not for the drama that seems to follow most cosplay. This also goes for if you don’t like a particular series – if someone makes a costume from a series you don’t like, that does not give you any right to bash them for it.

Rule Violations

First Time: Everyone messes up once or twice. The offending comments/posts will be screened or deleted. The member will then receive a post from a mod, explaining exactly what was wrong with the post.

Second Time: Again, the offending comments/posts will be screened or deleted. This time the member will not only receive a warning, but will be banned from posting for a brief period of time.

Third Time: This time the offender will be banned from the community. This is the last resort, when everything else has failed.

Note: All of these are just guidelines, and are up to the mods’ discretion. More severe violations may face banning, even if it’s just a first offense.


The moderators for this community are:

Please note – at this time the community has moderated membership. If you would like to join, please click the button in the dialogue “to join this community, click here”. That will allow us to either approve or not approve your membership.

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